Do you know terrazzo was derived from the Latin word “terra”? Yes, it was. And the word “terra” means ground. That’s the reason behind the uniqueness in installing terrazzo tiles on your floors. Terrazzo tiles have been in existence for centuries, and their identity remains intact up to date. Visit to read about Terrazzo tiles.

Terrazzo tiles are suitable for walls and floors of both interior and exterior decoration. Also, terrazzo began to spread globally because it is used for floors, counters, fences, and other structures. To prove the above points, you can tour beautiful places like hotels, industries, and homes; you will see how this unique pattern tile has added up a beauty beyond expression.

Nowadays, terrazzo tiles have gone beyond a product that is trying to rule the market. This unique tile is the most beautiful tile for walls and floors. There are some facts about terrazzo tiles that are still hidden from their users. 

More importantly, I can vividly tell you how much people love to use terrazzo tiles in Australia. In Australia today, there are limited places without this unique tile. You will see it in offices, homes, and every other place that is worth designing. To know how unique this tile is, some brands specialize in terrazzo tiles only to the Australians. Some of them are Surface Gallery, Perini tiles, Terrazzo Australia, Alexandria tiles, Signorino tile gallery, Design tiles, and lots more.

However, you might not know the reason behind the terrazzo’s popularity in Australia and other world places. Luckily for you, this article will point at some of those hidden facts. Not only that, but this write-up is also here to inform you about some facts that you need to know about terrazzo tiles.

You might be wondering why you need to know some facts about terrazzo tiles. This article will enlarge your knowledge about terrazzo tiles. Also, you will understand how terrazzo tiles work. 

Let me chip in this before we jump to the details; terrazzo tiles are widely used in all world nations. This unique design has several colours, which allows it to be easily combined with other decorative materials like wood and bricks.  Click here to learn more about decorative materials.

Below here are ten facts you need to know about terrazzo tiles:

  • Terrazzo tiles are beautiful: Do you know that the beauty of terrazzo tiles is incomparable to any other tiles in the world? You don’t need to do any research about this fact. Mere looking at this unique tile, you will see that its beauty is incomparable. The pattern on it makes it more attractive. Therefore, if you are looking for a beautiful and eye-catching floor tile for your walls and floors, then terrazzo tiles got you covered.
  • Terrazzo tiles are durable: The only tiles that will maintain their beauty and quality for decades is terrazzo tiles. You can install terrazzo tiles on your walls and floors without having an issue with a reduction in its rate. It doesn’t go out of date. The originality in terrazzo tiles is unmatched. Terrazzo tile is durable because it is made of resin and cement.
  • Terrazzo tiles have been around for centuries: From history, we all learnt that terrazzo tiles have been in existence since 1920. A friend once told me about terrazzo tiles in his grandmother’s house. Research also proves that terrazzo tile is the best option for people in America in the early days. 
  • Terrazzo tiles are highly customizable: It’s a unique material consisting of epoxy matric mixed with aggregate. However, terrazzo tiles can be combined with pearl, glass, metal shavings and recycled materials.
  • Terrazzo tiles have limitless shapes and colours: This unique tile comes in different shapes and colours. 
  • Terrazzo tiles have countless mosaic factory ideas: There are numerous terrazzo tiles ideas. Some of them are green and brown terrazzo tile, black terrazzo backsplash tile, grey terrazzo bathroom tiles, colourful abstract granite tiles, colourful granite designs, grey terrazzo tile with white Riverstone, modern pink terrazzo bathroom floor tiles and lots more.
  • Terrazzo tiles are versatile and popular: It has been used from as far back as the Neolithic Era. Archaeologists discovered terrazzo tiles for floors in ancient ruins in modern-day Turkey that dates back to 10,000 B.C.E.  The terrazzo tile is older than the Roman Empire. Terrazzo tile is not like subway tiles that are not suitable for floors. Therefore, terrazzo tiles are helpful for walls and floors. (Both interior and exterior)
  • Terrazzo tiles have classic dimensions: This unique tile varies in the pattern. However, there are numerous ways terrazzo can be installed. Terrazzo tiles can be installed in a herringbone pattern and any other unique pattern. 
  • Terrazzo tiles are for both floors and walls: One of the uniqueness of terrazzo tiles is that it is helpful for both walls and floor, unlike subway tiles that are not good for floors. Therefore, you can use terrazzo tiles in bathrooms (Both walls and floor), kitchens, living rooms and lots more. There’s no limitation to where it can be installed. Also, it can be used to cover or build stairs. I have seen some staircases that are designed with terrazzo tiles.
  • Terrazzo tiles are expensive: It is probably the costliest floor tiles you can ever have installed. Although, some terrazzo tiles are cheap. For instance, if you want to add terrazzo tiles to your floors, it may cost between $25 and $90 per square foot. It varies in price due to the range of possible materials. Another thing that can make it more expensive than other tiles is the installation techniques and the complexity of the pattern. Therefore, don’t forget it is better to go for something unique and costly than to go for cheap products that are not durable.

Finally, this write-up will help professional tilers, contractors, and individuals who want to know more about terrazzo tiles. As I said earlier, this article will give some facts about terrazzo and point to history about terrazzo tiles. Therefore, knowing the above-listed facts about terrazzo will increase your knowledge about it.